Project Pegasus – 1971 Ford Mustang

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Project PEGASUS is another build for local customer William (Buddy) Shores.  As a follow up to the 1967 Chevelle, Goolsby Customs and Buddy wanted to build a mustang and really wanted to raise the bar ths time ,but wih the recent boom in the 1969 to 1970 mustang body style a decision was made to try and bring some life and “coolness” to an otherwise forgotten and somewhat “less than desireable” 1971 fastback. To accomplish this goal the extremely talented Ben Hermance was brought on board to design the exterior and interior with a modern concept car feel. The build consists of shortening the front end 6″ and shortening the wheelbase 1″ and completely redesigning the rear end with a pass through spoiler and laid down rear glass. The custom body will be mated with the Roadster shops all new Fast track mustang chassis riding on 19″ and 20″ Nutek wheels and Pirelli tires. The heart of Pegasus is the all new 2011 coyote 5.0 mustang motor and 6 speed automatic transmission from Sean Hyland Motorsports. The modern interior will be stitched  by the talented crew at M and M interiors.Some big name sponsors have really stepped up to help out with this project such as: Roadster shop , Pirelli tires  , Nutek wheels, Vintage Air  , Classic Instruments , Wilwood Brakes,and several more still to come. Check back often as we will be updating this build all the way up to the debut.

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26 Responses

  1. Nelson says:

    I have a 71 fastback that i am currently restoring.
    I am going for the restomod look. I really like the
    new look your going for with the new grill.
    Is this something i could order from you guys?


  2. goolsby says:


    Yes we could build you a grill like that but it does not use any stock mounting locations so mounting it would require some fab work. But if your interested feel free to give us a call.


  3. Jason says:

    Looks killer Johnathan, they just keep getting better and wilder! metal work looks amazing! keep up the good work!

  4. ArkansasDave says:

    This is one cool stang I have always thought this car would look good a little shorter I have a 72 that I am building that I have really got attached too, I originally didn’t like this model until my friend bought one and I worked on it and ended up buying it from him. Your work is awesome keep up the good job! speechless.

    Arkansas Dave

  5. luis says:

    i have a 1971 mustang also is there any way i can purchase a grill like that from this website

  6. goolsby says:

    Give us a call and we can work something out

  7. Tom says:

    Have you made any progress with the power steering pump and oil filter relocation? I’ve found renewed interest in the Coyote motor for my 67 as I was given a rough estimate for a complete motor with supercharger and wiring direct from Roush; they tell me that they are going to begin production early to mid March. I’ve also talked to Phil at the Roadster Shop and he’s going to get back to me on some options for a front subframe to work around the coyote motor.

    You said the oil filter relocation and the power steering pump were the only two issues with the motor fitting around the rs frame correct?

    Hope all is well

    67greengt on

  8. goolsby says:

    The power steering and remote filter have both been handled and seem like they should work out perfect when it gets a little closer to debut time I will post some pics up

  9. Tom says:

    K, sounds awesome thanks! Two more questions – there were no clearance issues with the steering intermediate shaft to steering column were there?
    What backspacing and front wheel specs do you have on the car? I’m running 18×8 with 5.25″ and I may have to add some backspacing to my front wheels to make up for the slightly wider track width of the roadster shop front end..

    Thanks again

  10. Jeff says:

    Hello, I’ve been learning the sheetmetal fabrication trade over the past couple years and see alot of guys using that blue paint/ink as a guide coat for bare metal. Just curious what your using?

  11. goolsby says:

    What we use is Dykem brand layout fluid but there are several other brands on the market , just do a search for layout fluid or dye and you should find it fairly easy or you can get it at your local Fastenal.
    Thanks hope that helps

  12. Bill says:

    Love the Pegasus project! I have a lifelong love affair with the ’71. I never thought about a nose job. I am curious if you could offer the shortened hood and fenders in steel or ‘glass someday?

    Keep up the great work!


  13. Scott says:

    Went to Columbus, saw Pegasus in person and have to say it’s a beauty. The design feature I enjoyed the most is the pass through “spoiler” in the rear deck. Your style is modern and factory-like. Good design should look like it is “part of”, not “stuck on”. I’ll enjoy watching for new projects from you.


    Also, saw the Chevelle. Beautifully sinister.

  14. Aaron says:

    I saw this car in person at the goodguys car show at texas motor speedway and honestly after seeing this car compared to the other 4 thousand… they just didn’t compare. The quality and such fine detail of the work was like it came from mars. This is a complete one of a kind master piece on wheels. Very nice

  15. Thomas says:

    I got to see Pegasus at the Texas motor speedway and was absolutely taken. It is amazing how much detail is put in to the car. Everything on the car is perfect for it. Pegasus is so well put together that there was people around me asking if that was the new 2012 mustang. Some people don’t expect a project car to turn out like it just came out of the dealership, you guys do some amazing work.

  16. Robert says:

    This is amazing. I wish i had the money to modify my 72 like this. Great work, It is good to know that we have talent like this in Alabam. My son was born in Bessemer and once i get my funds healthy i would like my 72 mach to be reborn in Bessemer, that is if you do work for local customes. Again great job and i am deeply in love with Pegasus.

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  19. Lane says:

    Just saw this car at the 2012 Birmingham World of Wheels, these pix don’t do it justice. It is an awesome ride!!

  20. Doug says:

    Awesome body work and craftsmanship is beyond the pale. Really dig on the shortened look and side scoops subtle, timely, yet very much mustang…great job of blending!!! 70-73 mustang all suffer from the same design issues having such large “blank” rear quarter panel. Why Ford dropped the 69 side scoop in 70 onward will always baffle me?

  21. Arthur says:

    I recently saw this car in the latest issue of Hot Rod Magazine … and I think that NBC should have used THIS Mustang as the basis for KITT in the short-lived revival of “Knight Rider” instead of the Shelby GT500.

  22. brent says:

    Whose front suspension did you use in particular the spindles ? Thanks

  23. goolsby says:

    The mustang rides on a Roadster Shop chassis and the front suspension is C6 corvette , Thanks

  24. kevette says:

    Is that a custom white or a factory color?

  25. goolsby says:

    The color is a factory color , Arctic white

  26. David says:

    I just come across this build today. So much beauty, I just keep staring at it. Your amazing work has given me many ideas for my 73 (if only I had the cash at hand!) Is she still being shown in 2013?

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